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Application Form for Gun Ban Exemption

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The COMELEC is the sole government agency Constitutionally charged with the implementation of all election laws and the administration of all elections, plebiscites, referenda, and recalls.


28 thoughts on “Application Form for Gun Ban Exemption

  1. Application form for gun ban exemption……

    Posted by Michael Glenn Coso | 11 January 2007, 9:07 am
  2. Aplplication form for gun exemption.

    Posted by Michael Glenn Coso | 11 January 2007, 9:08 am
    • Good day. I would like to inquire if you do process a comelec exemption this coming election? Im very interested to have one. If you have time please mail me or text me at 0915-8803500 or call me at 514-44-62.

      Posted by Michael Ladanga | 19 August 2009, 9:39 pm
  3. Please send me an application form for gun ban exemption

    Posted by Jessie M.Tolentino | 12 January 2007, 9:36 pm
  4. Please post an application form for gun ban exemption to private citizens. Thanks.

    Posted by jhimmy | 17 January 2007, 4:26 pm
  5. I mean a gun ban exemption application form FOR private citizens.

    Posted by jhimmy | 17 January 2007, 4:27 pm
  6. BFP R-7 personnel will submit requirements for the gun ban exemption tomorrow, we would like to inquire about the payment(where to pay)

    Posted by FO2 FERLANDO A IBAN | 17 January 2007, 9:23 pm
  7. Please send me a COMELEC Gun Ban Exemption Application Form together with needed documents and fees.

    Posted by Moris Joey A. Chua | 19 January 2007, 1:01 pm
  8. I am a private citizen and a valid holder of firearm license and PTC. I would like to apply for a COMELEC Gun Ban Exemption. Please send me an application form and info on what documents needed and any applicable fees. Thanks

    Posted by Moris Joey A. Chua | 19 January 2007, 1:06 pm
  9. Everyone,

    Sorry for the late reply. Anyhow, almost all gun ban forms are available for downloading on this site. On the left hand column, there’s a button there that says ‘Gun Ban.’ Click on that and you’ll find the forms. Or, you can just click HERE.

    About private citizens, you guys can only get exemptions if you fall into the ‘high-risk individuals’ category. And to get into that category, you have to submit a justification for the grant of exemption and your claim must be validated by the PNP. Sorry, folks, but that’s how it’s got to be.

    About where to pay and how much, the fee is nominal and they’ll tell you when you get here, where to pay.

    Thanks for all the questions.

    Posted by jimenez | 20 January 2007, 5:38 pm
  10. BFP R-7 personnel are sending apllication for gun ban exemption, we would like to inquire the status of our request tnx

    Posted by FO2 FERLANDO A IBAN | 23 January 2007, 11:07 pm
  11. Commissioner Nicodemo Ferrer is tolerating the presence of armed goons/bodyguards during election campaign period. The Commission on Elections (Comelec) granted boxing champion Manny Pacquiao a total of 20 gun ban exemptions, citing his multi-million-peso net worth and the need to protect himself and his family. This is a flimsy reason and even a village idiot won’t buy it. There should be no special treatment particularly politicos with armed private army in issuance of gun ban exemptions. COMELEC is a big joke!

    Posted by Penelope Villa | 24 January 2007, 6:16 am
  12. Dear Penelope,

    Just a point of clarification: the exemptions were not all issued to Pacquiao but to his security personnel – people whose job it is to provide protection to their employer against threats of death or bodily harm. In Pacquiao’s case, the threat extends to his family, and so, more security personnel are needed. And I should point out that the validation of the risk – making sure that the threat is valid and And he isn’t unique either. There have been more than 500 applications for gun ban exemption from high-risk persons like Pacquiao.

    Please rest assured that there will be no special treatment for anyone.

    Thank you for airing your concerns.

    Posted by jimenez | 24 January 2007, 7:45 pm
  13. It appears that Manny Pacquiao and his family including his favorite dog and fighting cocks are covered by gun ban exemptions granted by Comelec. According to rules, as provided by the Philippine National Police, VIP’s, politicians and candidates as well, are allowed to have only two armed bodyguards. Please don’t tell us it’s another HONEST MISTAKE. Come on Mr. Jimenez, tell that to the Marines! As I said earlier, COMELEC is a big joke. Sayang lang ang pasuweldo ni Juan De La Cruz.

    Posted by Penelope Villa | 26 January 2007, 6:44 am
  14. A very special privilege granted to Manny Pacquiao being a Miguel Arroyo crony. Only in the Philippines.

    Pacman’s guns

    Last updated 06:44am (Mla time) 01/28/2007

    WE write, not about boxing icon Manny Pacquiao’s celebrated fists, which have time and again brought honor to the country, but about his gun ban exemptions. Last week, the Commission on Elections granted him exemptions from the election-related gun ban for a total of 20 firearms. Even for a world-famous boxer, the number seems excessive; worse, the arrangement that surrounded the exemptions strikes us as both underhanded behavior and dangerous precedent.

    First, we are concerned about the secrecy, bordering on deception, that attended the wholesale grant of exemptions. Pacquiao, who was mobbed by Comelec staff when he visited the election agency’s head office in Intramuros, gave a different, indeed a noble-sounding, reason for the visit. Pacquiao, the Inquirer’s 2003 Filipino of the Year, said he went to the Comelec to offer his support for the commission—in particular, to boost public confidence in the controversy-tainted agency.

    Comelec Chair Benjamin Abalos, who had served as his promoter back in the days when he was just starting out as a boxer, happily gave interviews, reinforcing Pacquiao’s version of the events. (If only restoring the credibility of the election process were as easy as a boxing idol’s 1-2-3!)

    It took enterprising reporters to discover the real reason for Pacquiao’s sudden visit: He was there to secure exemptions from the election-related gun ban.

    Second, we are less than satisfied with Abalos’ late, and lame, rationalization for the wholesale exemptions, after they came to light. He said the applications were not all in Pacquiao’s name; some were in the name of Pacquiao’s family members, some in the name of his security guards.

    To be sure, exemptions are within the discretion of the Comelec; to a certain extent, the appreciation of an applicant’s situation—his state in life, the risks he faces—cannot be reduced to a formula. The Comelec must have some elbow room for judging the threats to an applicant’s life.

    But is there anyone who seriously believes that even a single one of those 20 firearms was not for Pacquiao’s benefit, or that of his family? Did Pacquiao simply find himself in the position of running errands for friends or family?

    Third, we are disturbed by the sheer number of firearms involved. Yes, we are aware of the kidnapping threats that the police in General Santos City say face Pacquiao and his family. But if risk of abduction is the criterion, does that mean that hundreds of Chinese families in Binondo, Manila will enjoy a similar wholesale grant of exemptions?

    Yes, we are aware that Pacquiao’s growing and hard-earned wealth constitutes a tempting target for kidnappers. But if wealth is the criterion, does that mean that, say, Henry Sy, the founder of the SM Group and the businessmen often acknowledged as the country’s richest, will also enjoy a similar wholesale grant?

    If the kidnapping threats are serious, nothing prevents the authorities from assigning policemen to guard Pacquiao.

    Our point is: 20 guns for Pacquiao seem out of all proportion. The number qualifies his security force as a private army; isn’t there a law against that?

    Posted by Hilarion Avisado | 28 January 2007, 1:22 pm
  15. Who cares about Pacman’s guns?
    The issue is about favoritism practice in the Comelec. Even in the family, parents have their favorite sons and daughters. Favoritism in public bidding is not acceptable if taxpayers’ money is wasted without justification. The alleged election modernization multi-million scam may have damaged Comelec credibility as an institution. Chairman Abalos needs a lot of explanation in the alleged ballot paper anomaly.

    Overprice in Comelec
    ballot paper deal bared
    Higher of two bidders get P300M supply contract

    ANOTHER controversy is brewing at the Commission on Elections four months before the mid-term elections over the purchase of P300 million worth of security paper to be used in the printing of ballots.
    A Comelec insider said Lamco Paper Products Corp. was awarded the contract despite posting a bid of P23,899 per ream, compared to that of Advance Computer Forms, which had the lowest bid at P14,999 per ream, or a price difference of P8,999 per ream.
    The source said Lamco tendered a total bid of P310,543,606 while Advance submitted a total bid of P194,897,006, or a difference of P115,646,600.
    Lamco and Advance were the only firms which qualified out of four bidders. The other two, Noah’s Paper and Multi-Forms Corp., failed to meet the requirements of the Comelec Bids and Awards Committee (BAC).
    The Comelec en banc approved the recommendation of the BAC in a resolution dated Jan. 23, 2007.
    Another source said the Comelec-BAC made the award under “questionable circumstances” since no representative from the bidders or any technical expert was present during the evaluation procedure for the security features of the samples provided by Lamco and Advance.
    Records also showed that the Comelec-BAC revised the specifications of the ballot paper three days before the scheduled bidding last Jan. 20. Normally, bidders get a notice of seven days.
    In the first notice for bidders published last Dec. 29, the BAC described the specification of the ballot paper subject for bidding as “watermarked mechanical bond paper for official ballots, 70 gsm, with watermarked impression.”
    The specifications for the paper were subsequently revised as “wood-free book paper, white-85 gsm. Paper shall contain watermark made through mechanical process by dandy roll.”
    The Comelec-BAC also made additional required security features for the paper as follows:
    * Dark violet spots that appear at random when exposed to direct sunlight or ultra-violet light.
    * After-glow spots that appear in the dark after the paper is exposed to fluorescent light.
    * Chemical or solvent sensitive features similar to those found in a CBS-1 (clearing board specification 1) or security paper used in the production of bank checks.
    A source said the BAC move threw Advance off balance while “Lamco surprisingly passed the evaluation despite being virtually a neophyte in the bidding, supply and delivery of ballot paper.”
    The source said producing a paper that contains a “watermark made through a mechanical process by dandy roll” ordinarily takes more than a month.
    The source said Lamco, which is owned by a Terry Sy, supplies the paper used in books procured by the Department of Education. This is its first known venture in the supply of ballot paper. MALAYA 01/29/2006

    Posted by Alexis | 29 January 2007, 10:20 am
  16. do air gun include at the gun ban? i thought it is a sporting good. i need to know. tnx, more power.

    Posted by hardy fernandez | 21 February 2007, 3:21 pm
  17. Please send us application form for gun ban exemption. thank you

    Posted by Ehlite Tan | 26 September 2007, 10:09 am
  18. brgy captain ako. pwed b kng ma exempt sa gun ban? my license at PTC naman ang baril ko. tnx sa reply

    Posted by Benjamin Moit | 4 December 2009, 3:10 pm
  19. Please send us application form for gun ban exemption. thank you.hoping for your immediate response.

    Posted by MARILAG | 2 January 2010, 3:28 pm
  20. hi sir,

    i owned a factory here in laguna,have 300 plus employees,pwede ba ako kumuha ng gun ban exemption?just for my family protection,mahirap na panahon ngayon,have gun with licence and valid PTC Li.


    Posted by redge | 4 January 2010, 4:10 pm
  21. Enjoyed every bit of your post. Keep writing.

    Posted by Lucille Rea | 3 February 2012, 6:55 pm
  22. hi sir ..asked lng namen pwd rin ba kmi mag submit para sa gunban exemption for the next yir 2013…sa Navy Reseve po kmi sa intramuros manila at nka ADT under po kmi ni Acting Commander ng NFR-NRC Capt.Mejia PN(res)..tnxs po

    Posted by aristotle quitania g | 25 November 2012, 5:41 pm
  23. Sir, are prison guards of Provincial Jails (under LGUs) exempted from the gun-ban this 2013 elections? i’m asking because they’re not on the list. Also, we’d like to know the supporting documents to be submitted in applying for said exemption and if there is a downloadable application form for it. Thank you very much.

    Posted by Noel B. Culaba | 30 November 2012, 3:51 pm
  24. Dear Comelec Chairman :
    Greetings !

    I am Glicerio P. Lucrecia -Founder & General Manager of Lapuyan Peoples’ Multi-purpose Cooperative(LAPMUCO)
    We assist the CCT ( 4P’s program of DSWD ) through and by the ATM srevices where CCT beneficiaries withdraw
    their Cash Grant , it helps bring Community Development Because Money are withdraw/dispense in their locality and spend also right there, hence it introduced heavy economic activities and giving the small vendors/entrepreneur roll-up their small capital during the heavy CCT withdrawals.

    We LAPMUCO CASH TEAM make the cash reloading in the ATM machines , needs escort and Guns
    for security during the Cash transport from bank to ATM sites.

    Glicerio P. Lucrecia was granted 3 long ghigh powered Gun , A short hand gun w/ PTCOR for the purpose and connection to Cash transport for ATM cash reloading..

    Hon. Chairman Please send me an application form for gun ban exemption , our schedule for frequent cash loading serving the CCT eneficiaries is every two months this moonth od decemer is CCT beneficiaries heavy withdrawlas.

    LAPMUCO ATM sites :

    1. Municipality of Tungawan, Zambo. Sibugay Province
    2. R T Lim ,, Zambo. Sibugay Province
    3. Sominot , Zambo. Del Sur
    4. Guipos , Zambo. Del Sur ( FOR RE OPERATION )
    5. Vinenzo Sagun, Zambo. Del Sur
    6. Lapuyan , Zambo. Del Sur,
    7. Mabuhay , Zambo. Sibugay Province ( FOR RE OPERATION )

    nEXT cct withdrawals would be :
    1. February 2013
    2. April 2013
    3. June 2013

    Gun ban still impose on this months above we need security for the cash transport ..

    Thank you very much


    Posted by GLICERIO P. LUCRECIA | 14 December 2012, 11:56 pm
  25. I, and everyone else, is at high risk of being kidnapped, robbed, mugged, raped, or other criminal and illegal activities during this 6 month election period.

    During the election period we see the highest number of crimes committed against defenseless victims.

    When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

    Please grant an exemption to everyone who applies. Those who don’t apply, don’t get an exemption. Simple.

    Posted by President Benigno Simeon Aquino III | 11 January 2013, 9:34 am
  26. Is there a different form for Security Agencies who will comply with the gun ban?

    Posted by Jerome G. Da Silva | 24 October 2013, 6:48 pm

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