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Local Initiative in a QC Barangay, successful

The Local Initiative conducted in Quezon City’s Barangay Milagrosa to ratify the “enactment of a Barangay Ordinance to control and prevent the proliferation of squatters and mendicants” and to “control and prevent erring Barangay Officials, who coddles informal settlers for their personal motives, and to control and prevent illicit drug trafficking,” was successfully conducted last May 14, 2011, according to the Commission on Elections.

The COMELEC’s Monitoring and Command Center said the voting started at exactly 7:20 Saturday morning in all 12 clustered precincts.

“Voting was closed at 3:00 PM with no untoward incident reported.”

Barangay Milagrosa, the COMELEC said, has 26 established precincts with 3,665 registered voters.

It was proclaimed that the AFFIRMATIVE VOTES constituted the majority of the votes cast, said the COMELEC.

Of the total 3,665 registered voters in Barangay Milagrosa, 856 actually voted. 465 voted in the AFFIRMATIVE and 384 voted in the NEGATIVE. ###


About comelec-eid

The COMELEC is the sole government agency Constitutionally charged with the implementation of all election laws and the administration of all elections, plebiscites, referenda, and recalls.


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