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Candidates reminded to file statement of poll contributions and expenditures

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) reminded candidates in the recently concluded Barangay Elections of their obligation to file their statements of contribution and expenditures (SOCE) in connection with the elections.

According to COMELEC Spokesman James Jimenez, all candidates should file their SOCEon or before 27 November 2013 before the Office of the Election Officer where they filed their Certificates of Candidacy.

Non-compliant winning candidates cannot assume office until they file their SOCEas per Section 14 of Republic Act 7166, he emphasized.

As to the form and contents of the SOCE, Jimenez referred to Sec. 3 Rule 8 of COMELEC Resolution No. 9476, which states:

Form and contents of statements. – The statement required in next preceding section shall be in writing, subscribed and sworn to by the candidate or by the treasurer of the party. It shall set forth in detail the following:

  1. The amount of contribution, the date of receipt, and the full name, profession, business, taxpayer identification number (TIN) and exact home and business address of the person or entity from whom the contribution was received;
  2. The amount of every expenditure, the date thereof, the full name and exact address of the person or entity to whom payment was made, and the purpose of the expenditure;

A Summary Report of Lawful Expenditure categorized according to the list specified above shall be submitted by the candidate or party treasurer within thirty (30) days after the day of the election…

  1. Any unpaid obligation, its nature and amount, the full name and the exact home and business address of the person or entity to whom said obligation is owing; and
  2. If the candidate or treasurer of the party has received no contribution, made no expenditure, or has no pending obligation, the statement shall reflect such fact.
  3. And such other information that the Commission may require.

The Campaign Finance Unit (CFU) of the COMELEC shall strictly monitor the compliance of the candidates.

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The COMELEC is the sole government agency Constitutionally charged with the implementation of all election laws and the administration of all elections, plebiscites, referenda, and recalls.


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